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Julia Rozin, M.A.,LMHC, LPC

A little about therapy with me and then I hope more about you…

I imagine as you're reading this your main question is whether or not I can help you feel better and heal whatever ails you. I certainly would love to help you with this mission, but the goal is not to fix you (I don't believe you're broken just because you're struggling) or to get rid of all your stressors or to help you instantaneously feel 'better' necessarily. It's more about offering you a space to better understand yourself, your feelings, your actions and barriers to a more fulfilling life. I once read that "the job of a therapist is to help people acknowledge, experience and bear the reality of life" and feel that this is rather spot on as my mission statement. The goal is to expand your capacity to manage difficult emotions, to develop flexibility in ways in which you react to your environment, and to bring awareness to things you know but can't speak of yet. There is no ideal timeline and no right or wrong path to this. You can't say too much or too little in the therapy room. I hope to untangle the inevitable ambivalence that all of us struggle with when it comes to change. I aim to meet you where you are, whether that be clarity, confusion, or both. 


I find the use of metaphor and humor extremely helpful in engaging and better understanding the pain of human existence and how you got to where you are today.

My approach to therapy is primarily influenced by attachment, existential and humanistic theories. I also weave in elements from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which offer an array of more concrete coping techniques.


I welcome questions and feedback as they are essential in helping me help you. We may not look the same or experience life in the same way, but I hope you will let me in on your life and show me what it’s like to be you in ways I won’t assume to know.  

Come as you are and bring all your baggage, light or heavy.

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